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Hard work, unity and win-win


To motivate the team fighting spirit, enhance team cohesion and executive force, individuals and enterprises to enhance core competitiveness, into the enterprise culture, to create a harmonious and efficient team, on the afternoon of June 25, the company specially organized an event to climb the Yangtai Mountain for the South China Sales Department and product department. A total of 43 people participated in the event.

The whole process of climbing the mountain to "unity, passion, health, happiness" as the theme. Although the hot weather, heat rolling, hot sun fire baked face, sweat stained wet skirts, nothing can stop super levy people to climb the steps. Group PK, Yongpangaofeng, fully demonstrated the super Levi's hard work, unity and hard work spirit.

Team photo

Team competition

Through this activity, let us deeply realize that a team set up and stable development, team cohesion is a necessary condition. The loss of cohesion of the team, like a mess, to continue to develop and present low efficiency working state, and on the contrary is, if a cohesive team, so team members will be enthusiasm rising, continue to create new peak performance, for the development of the company to enhance the efficiency. Therefore, teamwork is an important manifestation of the target company and how the integration of our strength together, in order to achieve the company's stated goal, which requires companies rely on every management and staff of the wisdom and courage, in today's fierce competition in the market today, adhering to the "team CO" purpose, strengthen the close cooperation between team members, in newer, faster, better way forward on the formation force scaled new heights and create greater success is important and the only choice in the process of rapid development of companies and individuals seeking.

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